Block reward multiplication chance increases at each masternode level.

ASIC Resistant

The first masternode to use the ASIC resistant TRIhash algorithm.

Fast Transactions

Near instant and anonymous transactions powered by a blockchain based infrastructure.

Future 1-click masternode setup

Currently in development, our 1-click masternode setup will get even the most technically challenged investors up and running in just a few minutes.

Most masternodes require thorough knowledge of linux commands and bash scripts. They can be difficult to install and to know if properly setup. We promise to make that process simple with our 1-click masternode installation.

Level 1
Collateral: 10,000 PHASE
Reward: 42.5 PHASE
Level 2
Collateral: 20,000 PHASE
Reward: 2.2x chance to receive 42.5 PHASE
Level 3
Collateral: 30,000 PHASE
Reward: 3.6x chance to receive 42.5 PHASE

Incentivized development

A founder’s reward on every block incentivizes the ongoing development of the coin. This promotes transparency within the community to ensure a strong future in the blockchain space.

Technical Support

Active Discord channel.

No Premine

Replaced with Founder’s reward.

Passive Income

Masternode based coin.

Community Driven

Developed by the community.

Investor Voting

Open polls for future developments.

Private Send

Fast and anonymous transactions.

Masternodes Online


Coin Details

Masternode Reward
Max Supply
Mining Reward
Block Time
Founder's Reward
Block Reward

2018-19 Roadmap

Q3 2018

  • Fork from x16r to TRIhash algorithm
  • New website and logo
  • New wallets
  • New miner for the TRIhash algorithm

Q4 2018

  • Marketing campaign
  • New wallet interface

Q1 2019

  • 1-click masternode setup
  • Ability to pay with PHASE on masternode platform

Q2 2019

  • DEX platform

Our team

Enthusiasts and professionals working every day to make blockchain industry better.

Project Lead


Padama is the development Lead

Blockchain developer

Tri Nguyen

Tri is our Blockchain Developer and is a Software Engineer in his life outside of Phase

Community Manager

Pierre ‘Uniez’ Rinck

Pierre is responsible for Phase Social Media and is our Community manager.


Patrick ‘enginama’ Harnedy

Patrick is our jack of all trades advisor. His background is 20+ years in IT working in various disciplines at varying levels including programmer, sales, vendor management and application architect.

Community Manager

Gustavo ‘Gus’ Prada

Gus is a Systems Engineer, Linux Certified Engineer and IT infrastructure services and networking expert in his life outside of PHASE

Web developer & Advisor

Steve Demmitt

Steve is responsible for our Web Development which is also what he does in his life outside of Phase.

Community Manager

Dennis “Dengo87′ Goossens

Dennis is responsible for Social media & marketing in addition to being one of our Community Managers.He is an Electrical,software and design engineer for hybrid/electric public transport

Advisor & Crypto Enthusiast

Justin ‘HTWrestler’ Câmara

Justin works as a Radiologist, M.D., Ph.D. in fieri, completing residency in the Inland Empire, CA and he is also CEO of Strife Mining LLC. A Biomedical/biostatistical researcher with an emphasis on machine learning applications in metabolomics.

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